Paradise for the Sole

Comfort and value in every step

Our advanced Rebound foam technology redefines Recovery footwear.

With each step, our innovative material absorbs shock, minimizing impact to your soles and offering a boost of energy as you lift off.

This isn’t just about the immediate softness you feel; it’s about a sustained, noticeable difference that lasts all day, from the moment you slip into your shoes to the second you take them off.

Step into our shoes and step into a life of consistent comfort, where Relief & Recovery are not just occasional luxuries—they're an everyday reality."


Hi my name is Naomi and I'm a senior citizen. I bought the Woman's Swell last spring on Good Morning America's Deal of the Day.

I recently started to have issue with my heels, plantar fasciitis. Yesterday I put the shoes back on while I stood on my feet cooking for a few hours.

I felt no pain whatsoever, the support in the back of the shoe is awesome!

Recovery, Comfort & Value