In response to the Island Series Shoes: 
★★★★★I like a moccasin style shoe for general comfort. This is a well made, good looking and comfortable shoe. The laces can be adjusted for fit which is hard to find and makes this shoe even more comfortable and long wearing.

★★★★★My boyfriend swore he would never wear shoes without socks-making boat shoes only a dream. I bought him these thinking he could pull them off with socks if he wore long pants. When they arrived-he tried them on (without socks), wore them around the apartment and loved them! They look great and will be perfect for the warmer months!

In response to the Classic: 
★★★★★These are the best shoes I have found for my Dad. The right width and the right size. I have told my family and friends about the shoes and told them how Dad likes them.

★★★★★Very flexible, feels like you don't have a shoe on.