FOM South Beach EZ
FOM South Beach EZ

FOM South Beach EZ

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Discover the South Beach Men's FOM EZ ISEON Slip-On Casual Shoe from Island Surf Company, a fusion of innovative design and orthopedic benefits. Part of the esteemed FOM Orthopedic Collection, this shoe is crafted to provide unparalleled support and relief for those experiencing foot pain, including conditions like plantar fasciitis. Its inclusion in the EZ Collection features a unique retractable heel, offering the ultimate in easy on/off convenience without compromising style or fit.

The South Beach shoe is designed with a vegan leather ISEON upper, delivering not only water-resistant durability but also a sleek, fashionable look that doesn't sacrifice comfort. This slip-on casual shoe represents the pinnacle of footwear innovation, blending the practical needs of water resistance and durability with the aesthetic demands of modern style.

Step into the South Beach Men's FOM EZ ISEON Slip-On Casual Shoe for an experience that combines the best of orthopedic support, ease of wear, and stylish design. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile shoe that offers health benefits, convenience, and a statement-making style.

  • Part of the FOM Orthopedic Collection for enhanced foot support and pain relief.
  • Features a retractable heel from the EZ Collection for effortless on/off.
  • Crafted with vegan leather ISEON upper for stylish, water-resistant durability.
  • Offers a combination of great style and comfort for everyday wear.
  • Ideal for those seeking easy wearability with orthopedic benefits.