FOM Snowbird
FOM Snowbird
FOM Snowbird

FOM Snowbird

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Introducing the Women's Snowbird FOM Boot from Island Surf Company, your ultimate companion for cold weather. Designed as recovery footwear, this boot combines a water-resistant nylon upper with microdown insulation, ensuring your feet stay warm, dry, and comfortably nestled against the chill. Crafted with an emphasis on orthopedic relief, the Snowbird offers targeted support for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and general foot pain, making it more than just winter footwear—it's a step towards recovery and comfort.

The Snowbird FOM Boot is engineered for incredible comfort and warmth without sacrificing the essential benefits of arch support. Its design not only protects against the elements but also supports your foot's natural structure, providing relief and promoting healing. Whether you're navigating snowy streets or enjoying a winter adventure, the Snowbird offers a blend of style, warmth, and therapeutic support, making it an essential addition to your cold-weather wardrobe. Experience the difference with the Snowbird FOM Boot, where every step is a stride towards recovery and comfort in the coldest conditions.

  • Water-resistant nylon upper with microdown insulation for ultimate warmth and dryness.
  • Designed as recovery footwear to provide relief from plantar fasciitis and foot pain.
  • Offers incredible comfort and warmth in cold weather conditions.
  • Includes arch support for orthopedic relief and enhanced foot health.
  • Combines stylish design with functional features for winter wear.