FOM Zephr (Women's)

FOM Zephr (Women's)

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Introducing the Zephyr FOM Casual Shoe from Island Surf Company, where fashion-forward design meets unparalleled orthopedic support. As an esteemed member of the FOM collection, the Zephyr is tailored to those seeking both style and relief from foot discomfort, including plantar fasciitis. This shoe is engineered with a focus on recovery, ensuring your feet receive the care they need without compromising on aesthetics.

The Zephyr features a breathable yet warm SurfKnit upper, making it the perfect footwear choice across seasons. Its unique fabric technology offers a cozy fit while maintaining air flow, ensuring your feet stay comfortable no matter the weather. Designed as a fashionable sneaker, the Zephyr brings a touch of elegance to the realm of recovery footwear, allowing you to make a style statement while nurturing your foot health.

Equipped with a non-slip outsole, the Zephyr FOM Casual Shoe provides superior grip on various surfaces, offering stability and confidence with every step. Whether you're navigating urban landscapes or enjoying a casual day out, the Zephyr combines the therapeutic benefits of the FOM collection with the versatility and style of a modern sneaker. Embrace the fusion of function and fashion with the Zephyr, your go-to shoe for both comfort and chic appeal.

  • Integrated with the FOM collection for essential arch support and relief from foot pain, including plantar fasciitis.
  • Features a breathable yet warm SurfKnit upper for all-day comfort.
  • Designed as recovery footwear within a fashionable sneaker style.
  • Equipped with a non-slip outsole for unmatched grip and safety.
  • Merges therapeutic benefits with modern aesthetics for everyday wear.