FOM Catalina
FOM Catalina
FOM Catalina

FOM Catalina

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Set sail in style and comfort with the Women's Catalina FOM Boat Shoe from Island Surf Company, where classic nautical aesthetics meet modern orthopedic support. Crafted with a durable and water-resistant ISEON vegan leather upper, this boat shoe is designed to withstand the elements while contributing to environmental sustainability. As a distinguished member of the FOM Orthopedic Collection, the Catalina provides essential arch support and offers relief from foot pain, including conditions like plantar fasciitis, making it an ideal choice for recovery footwear.

Equipped with a non-slip rubber outsole, the Catalina ensures optimal traction in wet conditions, making it perfect for maritime adventures or any slippery surface. The shoe's classic boat shoe styling is seamlessly blended with the therapeutic benefits of the FOM collection, offering a sophisticated look without sacrificing comfort or foot health. Step into the Catalina FOM Boat Shoe for a seamless fusion of fashion, functionality, and foot care.

  • Durable and water-resistant ISEON vegan leather upper.
  • Part of the FOM Orthopedic Collection, offering arch support and pain relief.
  • Non-slip rubber outsole ensures traction in wet conditions.
  • Classic boat shoe styling with the benefits of recovery footwear.
  • Ideal for those seeking stylish, supportive shoes for everyday wear and recovery.