FOM Davenport
FOM Davenport

FOM Davenport

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Step into the Davenport Men's FOM Clog by Island Surf Company, a prime selection from the FOM Recovery Orthopedic Collection, designed to cater to your comfort and support needs. This clog is meticulously crafted to relieve foot pain, with a focus on combating plantar fasciitis, thanks to its specialized design that provides essential arch support. Engineered for all-day comfort, the Davenport ensures that each step you take is as comfortable as the last.

Featuring a canvas easy-on upper, the Davenport combines convenience with durability, making it effortless to slip on without compromising on style or structure. The patterned outsole not only adds an element of aesthetic appeal but also offers improved traction, ensuring stability in every step.

With the Men's Davenport FOM Clog, you're not just choosing a shoe; you're investing in the health and comfort of your feet. Perfect for anyone seeking relief from foot pain or simply looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe, the Davenport is your go-to for everyday wear, providing the orthopedic benefits you need wrapped in the casual style you want.

  • Part of the FOM Recovery Orthopedic Collection, designed for foot pain relief, especially plantar fasciitis.
  • Recovery footwear provides essential arch support for enhanced foot health.
  • Engineered for all-day comfort, ensuring prolonged wearability.
  • Features a patterned outsole for superior grip and safety.
  • Canvas easy-on upper for convenience and a stylish look.